NFL veteran builds school with Helping Hands Jamaica

NFL Veteran linebacker Stephen Tulloch has partnered with the Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation to build a school in his mother’s hometown of Little London, Westmoreland, Jamaica, June 22 – 26.

Tulloch, along with other NFL friends and several enthusiastic volunteers, will roll up their sleeves to work with Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation on a three-day build of a new Infant School (3 – 6 years of age), just a mile from his mother Mercedes’ childhood home. “My family roots are in Jamaica,” said Tulloch. “My Dad was born in Kingston, my Mom in Little London, just outside of Negril. By building this school, we will be able to not only positively effect the current students, but help provide a safe and effective learning environment for years to come for the children here.”

The new school will house up to 100 children and will include running water to allow the students to have a kitchen and indoor bathrooms, which are not available at many schools in the area. It will have five classrooms total, with desks, learning supplies, and an outdoor playscape. The building will be located next to the Little London Primary School to ease the transition for children as their education advances.

It’s no surprise Tulloch is extending his charitable efforts to the children of Jamaica with this school. He has been a staunch supporter of children and causes throughout his 11-year NFL professional career. He launched the Stephen Tulloch Foundation in 2009 to help underprivileged youth when he was in Nashville, Tennessee by hosting camps and providing educational materials to the schools in the area.

Over the past six years Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation has rasied the funds to built 15 schools with the help of their local implementing partner Food For The Poor. Karl Hale, founder of Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation is thrilled about the new relationship with donor partner Stephen Tulloch. “We are humbled that Stephen chose our organization to parner with for this project, the school that we build will impact children for generations to come, giving them a hand up on their quest to achieve their dreams,” says Hale.

The Stephen Tulloch Foundation helps assist underprivileged youth with opportunities to be successful and works to provide them with the same opportunities as other children. The foundaitons goal is to supply youth with the essentials to build self esteem, establish their goals, and help unlock their potential. For more information on the Stephen Tulloch Foundation visit .

Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation seeks to improve the lives of the next generation of Jamaicans and theircommunities by creating a world-class education system through investment in infrastructure, resource materials and expertise. .



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