Jeers motivate Davis

Local boxer Tsetsi Davis said that booing and jeering in his first round Contender Series match with Dave Leblond was enough motivation for him to prove a point in his quarterfinal win over Ryan Young at the Chinese Benevolent Association Auditorium on Wednesday night.

Davis dominated the bout, after what many considered to be a slow and nervous start in the first round and later won a split decision.

He said he and his coaching team at the GC Foster Gym worked on his conditioning going into the fight, and the rest was down to determination.

“Yes it was motivation because, guess what, dem nuh used to dis sorta Tsetsi fight,” Davis said.

“You gonna see more of Tsetsi. It doesn’t end here. Is just the beginning. The last time dem was booing mi, but what did they have to say tonight?! What they have to say tonight was by giving thumbs up, cause Tsetsi neva inna good shape. Tsetsi come well prepared and thanks to Ryan Young fi put on a good show. Him show guts but it show I’m more determined than him.”

Davis, who said that this would be his last season in the Contender, will now face number one seed Jamaican Sakima Mullings. However, he said that he is not worried about the prospect of being an underdog in this bout.

“Don’t get me mixed up,” he said. “I doe fraid a no one. Nobody. I fight the best. No one better than (Howard) Eastman (Davis’ semi final opponent three years ago). I fight the best and I not scared. If I affi lose, I lose, but I’m coming out with God in my head and to fight and get the victory. Only one man mi fraid of … Almighty God.”



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