Young claims victory over bloodied Lewis as Team Canada surges in Contender Series

Ryan Young smashed Ramel Lewis’ face into bloodied submission to give Team Canada a 5-3 lead on Team Jamaica going into the second stage of the Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum Contender Boxing Series at the Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium in Kingston on Wednesday night.Young floored Lewis with an explosive right hook to the face at the opening 24 seconds of the third round to win the fight by submission after his handlers threw in the towel while the boxer was down on his hunches being counted out by referee Peter Richards.

Seemingly not affected by the knockdown, Lewis stood up ready to continue, but the damning act of submission had been carried out. His handlers, in their wisdom, ended what they believed to be a carnage with so much blood present by tossing in the towel of submission. Lewis’ night in the ring was finished by the rescue attempt.

Young, who stands a good seven inches taller over Lewis and also possesses a longer reach, used his dimensional advantage to open a deep cut on the brow of the right eye of the shorter Lewis with a chopping straight right in the first round. It was a severe cut.

For much as ringside doctor Aundre McDonald tried to check the flow of blood from the wound, it continued profusely with the blood streaming down the face of Lewis onto his shorts.

Despite the gushing blood, Lewis never looked in any trouble and he continued to battle on in his bloody state and gave as much as he received with some big shots against Young in the second round.

But with his concentration marred by the early cut and in his haste to end the contest early with stopping his opponent uppermost in his approach, the Westmoreland native committed the cardinal sin by dropping his guard.

Seconds into the third round he perished by getting nailed by a haymaker from the gangling Canadian KO specialist, Young, who increased his win record to 11 with nine knockouts against two losses. Lewis has dropped to eight wins and six losses.

“It was a good victory for me. It was the first time I was taking part in the tournament and am satisfied with the result. I noticed he (Lewis)was keeping his guard a little down and I opened the cut over his left eye in the first round after which I continued to exploit,” Young said.

Meanwhile, Lewis was left bemused by his handlers’ move by throwing in the towel.

“After I got knocked down I stood up as firm as a rock and felt that I could continue as my head was clear. I did not stagger away. So I cannot understand why they chose to throw in the towel.

“The coach is saying that in the two previous rounds the guy was all over me and the knock-down was the catalyst to call the fight. But even while the blood was streaming down I was not unduly bothered by it,” said the Jamaican.



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