It wasn’t Miller’s time!

Canadian Cotroni brings J’can opponent to his knees for Contender win

Team Jamaica hold a slender 3-2 win over Team Canada after Frank Cotroni scored a one minute, 11 seconds fourth-round TKO win over Gregory Miller in the fifth “Best of the Best” Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum Contender Boxing Series at the Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium on Wednesday night.However, this slim lead could summarily change should a committee looking into the disputed decision between Tsetsi Davis and Dave Leblond in the third fight, which was won by Davis, overturn that decision, and rule in favour of Leblond. Such a ruling could see the Canadians drawing level with three wins.

In Wednesday night’s fight, Miller, who was one of the original fighters to enter the Contender Series at its inception, entered the ring as the ranked underdog and was not given a ghost of a chance to go beyond round two.

But he surprised everyone’s wildest expectations by opening with a flourish that saw him winning the first two rounds on a common canter. Two rounds later he was on his knees, knocked off his feet at one minute 11 seconds of the fourth round, and surrendered to Cotroni by the TKO route.

After being on the end of Miller’s flurry of left hooks and weak straight rights, Cotroni adopted a more aggressive style and, in the third round, caught Miller with a good left hook to his right armpit. From then on it looked all over for Miller, as the writing was on the wall.

Cotroni, sensing Miller was hurt, moved in to finish him off in the third, but the bell intervened.

Cotroni then went for the jugular in the fourth, and within two minutes Referee Eian Jardine signalled the end of the fight as Miller struggled to his feet to beat the count for a 2-0 record in the Contender Series.

“It was a good victory for me. It was a frustrating fight, but I have fought against styles more difficult than Miller’s and overcame them. I have looked at videos of his fights so I knew what to expect.

“I wanted to catch him with a good shot in the earlier rounds, but that did not happen. So I went back to the instructions of my coach and I knew I would catch him with a low shot, and that would hurt him as it would be a shot well placed”, Cotroni said.

Miller was disheartened by the way the fight ended.

“I prepared well for the fight, and with greater temperance I could come away with a little more than I got. My great downfall was that I used up too much energy in the first two rounds and that hurt me,” Miller said.


Contender May 3rd AAC_3752


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