Canada’s Cotroni Too Good For Miller

Francesco ‘Frank’ Cotroni, one of the top-seeded Canadian boxers, came back from losing the first two rounds in a bout scheduled for five rounds to score a dramatic fourth round technical knockout victory over Jamaica’s Gregory Miller on Wednesday night in the fifth week of the Wray & Nephew 2017 junior middleweight Contender series, at the Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium.

The fight ended within one minute and 11 seconds of the fourth round. Jamaica now leads the series 3-2.

Because of the pre-fight build-up, an exciting contest was expected, and spectators got their money’s worth of action.

Miller, who said after the fight, that he “went for broke in the early rounds so as to get an early knockout”, surprised fans with his aggression, and although he did not hurt Cotroni, he made him realise that he had to work hard for victory. Cotroni’s trainer, Jessy Thompson, said after the fight that he “suspected that Frank was behind on the scorecards after the second round and told him to step it up, and he did”.


The third round was a torrid affair and it was clear from the half-way mark that Miller was in trouble. He was breathing hard and holding a lot as Cotroni piled on the pressure.

Sensing that Miller was on shaky legs in the fourth, Cotroni threw everything at him, and a tired Miller went down on his knees in his own corner. He made no attempt to get back on his feet, and referee Peter Richards, who had started the mandatory eight count, called a halt and ruled Cotroni the winner.

A very happy Cotroni said he is “looking forward to coming back to Jamaica for the quarter-finals and taking one more step towards the finals”.


Gregory Miller’s Contender Knock Out.jpg

Gregory Miller’s Contender Knock Out: Wray & Nephew Contender, Gregory Miller (centre), receiving medical attention after he was knocked out by Frank Cotroni (left) in the fifth fight in the Contender series at the Chinese Benevolent Association in St Andrew on Wednesday, May 3.


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