Cash Pot Mega Ball Promises Big Winnings

Players of Supreme Ventures’ popular Cash Pot game will get a chance to win over three times their regular prize payout, the highest winnings ever, with the brand new Mega Ball promotion.

During the Mega Ball promotion, which runs from tomorrow until Saturday, May 13, players will have an opportunity to win big for eight weeks. To participate in the Mega Ball promotion, players play Cash Pot as normal. They then have the option of playing the Mega Ball for an extra $10 or more on their Cash Pot number. A Mega Ball bet cannot be more than a player’s Cash Pot bet.


Immediately after each Cash Pot draw, one additional ball will be drawn from the Mega Ball promotional machine with three balls – 1 gold ball (the Mega Ball) and two white balls. When a player’s Cash Pot number is drawn along with the Mega Ball they will receive a prize payout of $960 for every $10 bet. If a white ball is drawn, the Cash Pot prize payout remains at $260 for every $10 bet. The more players bet the more they win.

Assistant vice-president of corporate communications, Simone Clarke-Cooper, anticipates a huge response to the Cash Pot Mega Ball promotion, and says, “We always try to find new ways to re-engage our players, giving them a good gaming experience, with good rewards. The Mega Ball offering delivers on both those fronts and we know our players will enjoy an enhanced version of their favourite game,” she said.

The Mega Ball feature will be added to all six daily Cash Pot draws, with the exception of Good Friday when no draws will be held.



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