Showing You Care With JMMB


On the heels of International Women’s Day, with the theme for the year being ‘Be bold for change,’ JMMB has once again stepped up to the plate and knocked the ball out of the park by creating a new and innovative initiative geared towards standing up for the greatness in all women.

Flair had a heart-to-heart with JMMB’s Group Chief Marketing Officer Kerry-Ann Stimpson about their strategy to celebrate women. “JMMB wanted to try to be different. Since our core value is love, everyone, including women, are worthy of love and respect. When we launched Her Wealth, a financial solution for women, we not only wanted to make women financially stronger, we wanted to give women a voice as well. So, we came up with the idea to showcase, empower and inspire women with an online campaign,” Stimpson explained.

The first of its kind, the JMMB’s microsite seeks to connect further with their audience as well as contribute to a specific woman mandate, Woman Inc. “Woman Inc is a voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to providing assistance to victims of rape, incest, domestic crisis, sexual harassment at the workplace and domestic violence,” she added.

Stimpson notes that this campaign is timely, given the recent increased reports of incidents of violence against women and children.

Knowing that the only shelter in Jamaica for women needed renovation and resources, JMMB saw it as an awesome opportunity to jump on board, with Stimpson highlighting, “We wanted people to be a part of a bigger movement of helping another woman to find herself.”


So, how does it all work exactly? Well, all you have to do is upload a photograph of someone who will inspire you, or one of yourself, to JMMB photomosaic site Once approved, your photo will appear as a part of the mosaic and you can always click on the photo to get a better view of it. For every picture that is uploaded, JMMB will then donate $100 to Woman Inc., which will in turn assist in their mandate of contributing $500,000.

The more pictures they have, the more they can contribute, Stimpson revealed. She encouraged men, too, to participate in the initiative by uploading a picture of a woman they admire, whether it’s his mother or sister. After all, men can support women just as much as women can support each other.

Women centres event are already getting up to speed on this powerful initiative. So, are you ready to join the online movement? Just remember, “If you see her … you are her.”



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