Succulent Seafood Eats


Sophia Grant tucking into lobster (ACEION CUNNINGHAM)

The return of the Rainforest Seafood Festival was clearly a welcomed addition to this year’s foodie calendar as hundreds of patrons turned out ahead of the 11:00 am start yesterday at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre.

Patrons were treated to tasty offerings from several food purveyors serving up lobster, conch, fish done in several ways, shrimp and several seafood mixes. Jerk fish from Little Ochie was a standout.

It was clearly a day for family fun and food and several family members could be seen bonding over meals under the huge tents.

The Rainforest Seafood Festival is staged in order to raise much-needed funds for the Cornwall Regional Hospital. All proceeds from the event go to the We Care Foundation dedicated solely to raising funds for the hospital.

Here are highlights from the event.


Lobster was a crowd favourite based on the reasonable prices. (Aceion Cunningham)



Fried fish from Little Ochie’s food stall. (Aceion Cunningham)


Lobster from Sweet Spice (Aceion Cunningham)


Fried fish being prepared at Little Ochie’s food stall. (Aceion Cunningham)


Kedian Nelson enjoys shrimp from the Middle Quarters group. (Aceion Cunningham)



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