Jamaica Carnival takes to the streets


Jamaica Carnival blazed the streets from Hope Gardens to Emancipation Park with a high-energy, trial-route road march on Sunday.

Selected carnival junkies were invited to partake in a fun-filled day as bystanders were given a taste of what to expect on April 23.

Patrons were in high spirits as they chipped down Hope Road, music filled the air, and bystanders joined in the excitement along the way. The Wray & Nephew music truck as well an added infusion of revelry by DJ Kurt Riley set the tone for a great day. The true meaning of carnival was felt — togetherness and unity — ‘Out of Many, One Carnival’, the theme of the new revolutionised Jamaica Carnival.

“The good original carnival is what we want to bring to Jamaica — no gimmicks, just real authentic carnival that we all can enjoy. With J Wray and Nephew now as our title sponsor, the sky is the limit. We can now bring the type of carnival that I’m sure a lot of original carnival goers have been missing. We ready for the road, so don’t count us out!” said Julianne Lee, managing director of Jamaica Carnival.

Source: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Jamaica-Carnival-takes-to-the-streets_90990

Below are highlights from the event.

JWN 4.jpg

Pietro Gramegna, marketing manager, Campari, was a part of the excitement.


Revellers enjoyed being back pon di road.


Dr Kayan Smith enjoying the music


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