Rainforest Seafoods Festival – Seafood Paradise


This Lenten season will be the tastiest of them all as Rainforest Seafoods aims to entice the palate of food lovers everywhere with their annual signature seafood festival that kicks off on Ash Wednesday, March 1.

‘Captain’ Rainforest Seafoods set sail on the sandy shores of Barbican Beach for the launch last Wednesday night, and were joined by a crew comprising media personnel, who went along for the palatable ride.

The festival, set to dive into all things seafood in the Second City of Montego Bay, took a one-year hiatus but is back, and the organisers are promising it will be better than ever! So, this coming Ash Wednesday, all roads lead to Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre for 12 hours of food and fun.

Food got a taste of Rainforest Seafoods Festival, and my, do we have a treat for you! Here are a few of the exciting dishes.


Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/food/20170223/rainforest-seafoods-festival-seafood-paradise


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