Digicel Foundation Gives Freetown Primary School Smart TV, Projector


Krystal Tomlinson, communications and engagement manager at Digicel Foundation, shares a word of encouragement with grade-five student Joseph Beckford as his classmate Danique Fogah and teacher Mark Blair look on.

Teacher at the Freetown Primary School, Mark Blair, shares with Communications and Engagement Manager at Digicel Foundation Krystal Tomlinson on how he’ll be using the audiovisual equipment to enrich the delivery of mathematics in his grade 5 classes. As part of the school’s numeracy intervention programme, Blair applied to Digicel Foundation for a ‘Mek A Muckle Grant’ to purchase a smart TV, projector and DVD player. His aim is to make math classes more interactive for students who were underperforming in the subject.

Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20170215/digicel-foundation-gives-freetown-primary-school-smart-tv-projector


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