75-year-old Portlander wins $10 million

Grand prize winners in the J Wray & Nephew Ltd’s $10 million ‘Q is the Key to Cash 4 Life’ competition, Howard Cover and Mark Brown, are men on a mission.

Both men entered the competition with others on their minds. For Mark Brown, while helping his sister with her baking, deep in his heart he yearned to provide critical assistance to his own children overseas. Howard Cover, at the same time, was hoping to win the prize so he could fund his grandchildren’s education.

When the 75-year-old Cover of Portland received a call informing him that he won a prize in the competition, he did not expect his winnings to be $10 million in cash.

Up to the hour when he met with a team from J Wray & Nephew in Port Antonio on January 30, he still did not believe he had won the grand prize. He thought it was a simple prize as he had won numerous phone credits during the 14 weeks of the competition.

However, when the cheque of $10 million was unveiled to him, he started to cry. It was the first time in his life that he was winning something so grand.

“I feel great. I am so excited I can hardly talk,” Cover said with teary eyes before reaching into his car for something to wipe his tears and for his dark glasses to cover his eyes.

“I read about the competition in the newspaper and I doubled up on my purchase of Qs and entered. I kept winning credit but I am now happy I won one of the grand prizes,” he said, before adding, “I am going to buy some property, invest some otherwise, mostly in farming and real estate. I also want to help my three grandchildren who are 16, 10 and eight years from my winnings. I would like for them to get a good education, so that is what I am aiming at.”

Cover said that he had been facing some financial challenges which the $10 million will eliminate from his life.

“I am very happy. They are so many things I can now achieve and overcome,” he said.

Both Cover and Brown entered their winning codes from Wray Rum Qs they purchased.

Like Cover, Brown a 46-year-old resident of St Catherine, wants to help others with the money he won.

According to Pietro Gramegna, Marketing Manager, J Wray & Nephew Limited, the winners of the competition are both deserving and exemplary examples of the brand’s proud, undiluted strength.

“Every day heroes are those who work hard day in and day out to take care of their loved ones. Consumers like Cover and Brown keep the Jamaican spirit going, and weare honoured for their brand of choice to be Wray & Nephew White Overproof spirit. They are embodiments of our key message Our Spirit, we are happy to assist in making their dreams now a reality,” Gramegna said.

The Q is the Key to Cash 4 Life competition, which began in October and lasted for 14 weeks, closed at the end of January. During that period, there were millions of dollars given away in prizes of cash and credit.

Source: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/75-year-old-Portlander-wins–10-million_88444


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