New JMMB Her Wealth offering targets women


A recent study conducted by the International Labour Organization identified Jamaica as one of the top three countries where ‘the boss’ is likely to be female. These statistics in the study Women in Business and Management, Gaining Momentum are not surprising, as women account for more than 70 per cent of students enrolled at the tertiary level in major local universities.

Climbing the corporate ladder marks a different, if not new, milestone for women, as they have stood the test of time, often seeking work/life balance — in the case of working mothers — even as they juggle varying roles while pursuing their dreams.

In support of the empowerment of women to achieve their financial goals, the JMMB Group has announced the introduction of JMMB Her Wealth, a complete package of financial solutions which includes investments, loans, savings facilities and insurance. As part of the customisation of the offerings to better cater to women, JMMB also provides a maternity loan, and coverage of handbag contents against theft as part of their motor vehicle insurance offering.

According to JMMB Jamaica Country Manager Kisha Anderson, women have shown their continued intention to attain financial success in Jamaica.

“We aim to facilitate and assist our clients to achieve their goals. This new offering is in response to a perceived gap that has been identified in the market, and research that suggests the need for financial institutions to deepen their relationship with women in order to meet their unique financial needs,” she explained.

Anderson says JMMB Her Wealth is designed as a special and remarkable vehicle for this purpose, and is the first of its kind in the market.

The JMMB Her Wealth packaged solution also includes a rewards programme that offers JMMB Her Wealth clients special access to discounts (or other benefits) of up to 20 per cent from partnering companies.

The partners selected to be a part of the JMMB Her Wealth Rewards programme are established organisations that offer support services that are typically utilised by women in their daily lives. These include auto servicing and maintenance; food; home care; medical services; counselling; beauty and spa services; computers and accessories; and children’s products and accessories.



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