Cocktails With… Judette Coward Puglisi


To introduce their latest financial package solution, notably JMMB Her Wealth, last Wednesday at the Spanish Court Worthington securities broker and dealer Jamaica Money Market Brokers tapped Mango Media Caribbean Managing Director Judette Coward Puglisi to deliver the keynote address. Wearing her country’s most celebrated designer, Meiling, the Trinbagonian media, communications & public relations specialist encouraged prospective JMMB Her Wealth investors at the launch event to secure their futures, while sharing gems from her own life reserves.

What is your favourite beverage?

Hot chocolate. How else to discover why I am the way I am except at the bottom of a cup? When I’m done, it’s usually time for deep thinking.

Is the election of hotel & real-estate tycoon Donald Trump a triumph for social media fame or a cautionary tale?

It’s a reality circus mixed with large doses of a global horror story thrown in for bad measure.

Is the boosting of a country’s economy the right get-out-jail-free card?

Only if it is accompanied by the increased productivity of its people.

What personality archetypes must make up a team that can best support what you do?

The Loyalist: will work with you without question over a weekend.

The Thinker: is solution-oriented will make any entrepreneur feel less alone.

The Connector: will open doors, so crucial to success.

The Clone: because you always need someone who is just like you.

The Debater: because challenge is a good thing; it prevents group think.

Are tough life lessons crucial to growth?

This presupposes that lessons must be tough in order to learn or grow; if that was true, prisons would not have repeat offenders. A tough or easy lesson is often irrelevant; growth is about an individual’s willingness to do so.

What’s the one book you’ve always wanted to read but have never gotten around to?

We Should All Be Feminists by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a book-length essay. If you have ever watched her

TED Talk you would know why this is at the top of my list. Plus, I am a lipstick-wearing feminist.

Do long hours guarantee success?

No, they don’t, and believe me, I learned that lesson late in the game! I think focused work without interruption makes for a better, more meaningful type of success with limited opportunities for burnout.

How can an entrepreneur identify when he or she has outgrown hustlin’?

When your quotation is accepted without question or negotiation. The hustlin’ stops and the innovation can begin.

What is the one office process you continue to enjoy, no matter your hierarchical rank?

Don’t laugh, but mopping the front entrance. I think because it’s the first point of entry to our building and for me it means “you are welcome”.

Are emotions and figures the only ingredients necessary for a successful communications exchange?

Shared stories and conversation are the common coins of communion.

If you had to choose: speed at the expense of details or vice-versa?

Details. Because speed does not mean a thing if inaccuracy is allowed to run around like a Pokemon gamer.



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