Transformational Leadership Through God Can Bring About Vision 2030


Transformation among leadership ranks is the primary focus of the 37th National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB) to be staged at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Thursday, January 19.

The purpose of the NLPB is to foster greater unity in the nation, particularly among the nation’s leaders at all levels.

In keeping with national protocol, the list of invited guests is headed by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen and includes Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Leader of the Opposition Portia Simpson Miller.

God-Empowered Intervention

At a press briefing yesterday at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel to officially launch the event and commence prayer week the Rev Stevenson Samuels, chairman of the NLPB Committee, spoke of transformation brought about by God-empowered intervention.

“In the process of the NLPB, we trust that we will contribute to our leaders experiencing transformation, a transformation that will impact core values for the betterment of all,” Samuels said.

He added: “We feel that for Jamaica to grow, for Jamaica to progress and experience true prosperity, there has to be transformation. That transformation must begin at the top, at the head of the stream, at the helm of our society. Transformational leadership is what is required to take us to the next level. Jamaica, as it is, cannot experience the growth and development that we all long for. If we are going to see this nation rise to new altitudes, we must change and challenge both Church and State to do that change.”



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