First Global Bank Using Technology For Banking Solutions


Banking on the Go!  GraceKennedy Group CEO Don Wehby holds up a mobile phone to emphasise the ease of doing business on the go.  He was speaking at the official opening of First Global Bank’s Liguanea Branch on October 9, 2016.


Kingston, Jamaica – Thursday, October 13, 2016: GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby has said relevant, cutting-edge technology is central to improving controls, drive operational standards and customer service across all subsidiaries.

According to Wehby, “Technology-based solutions are expected to reduce operating costs while providing convenience and value-added services to our customers.”

He was speaking on Sunday, October 9, 2016 at the official opening of First Global Bank Limited’s new Liguanea branch.

He highlighted some recent tech developments in several of the Group’s financial services companies including: multicurrency machines, interactive teller machines, a mobile banking app, internet-based solution at First Global; the roll out of GKGOnline at GK General Insurance Ltd; and the introduction of TeleSend and Deposit Direct at GraceKennedy Money Services. TeleSend makes money transfers via mobile phone and online functionalities possible, while Deposit Direct allows customers to receive remittances from overseas directly to their bank accounts.

Wehby believes one method through which GraceKennedy can continue to make worthwhile contributions to Jamaica’s growth, is through investing heavily in new technology.

“The Group has made significant investment in technology in all segments. This is expected to improve controls, drive operational efficiency and improve our customer service. We strongly believe that in addition to our hardworking staff members, we can continue to realise growth and success through using new technology as a business strategy that is in keeping with emerging trends and customer demands,” he affirms in an interview recently.

For years, the GraceKennedy Group has kept apace with new and advancing technology in all of its operations.

Wehby said within the GraceKennedy Group, First Global Bank boasts one of the major examples of how technology has totally revamped the operations of the entity.

He stated, “First Global Bank continues to be at the forefront of technology in the banking and financial services sector. Our hardware and software are continuously on the cutting edge and our human resources are second to none,” Wehby stated.

Wehby said the context of Jamaica’s social environment makes investment in technology essential as a way of reaching the unbanked, closing the digital divide and promoting financial inclusion.

“We note the steps being made by the Bank of Jamaica towards facilitating agency banking, with the latest element being the 2016 Banking Services Enforceable Code of Conduct. The sector is eager for all essential components to be put in place as, the convergence of both a sound structure to support and the technology to facilitate agency banking hold great potential for allowing more people to participate in regulated financial channels,” said Wehby.




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