Carreras, Food for the Poor Rescue Farmer from Eviction


Kethron Myers, a farmer from Linstead, St Catherine, has a new lease on life after Carreras Limited and Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica intervened to build him a new two-bedroom house.

Myers, 30, recently received an eviction notice to leave the dilapidated place he called home for the last five years. Although the house leaked profusely and was in poor condition, Myers was devastated when he was asked to leave because it was his only shelter.

After hearing his story and seeing his living conditions, FFP Jamaica and Carreras Limited built a new house for Myers and his two daughters on his family’s land in St Catherine.

“Boy, I never knew what I was going to do because I was going to be homeless and someone suggested I try Food For The Poor, and so I applied,” Myers said in an interview.

Myers’ leap of faith was rewarded with a call of good news he would get a new house in September.

“I was so happy when they called and told me I would be getting a home because the way things looked, I’d lose my home and wouldn’t have anywhere to go,” Myers said.

Carreras Limited believes strongly in giving back to the communities in which it operates.

“After learning about Mr Myers’ dire need for a home, Carreras quickly mobilised both the resources as well as the efforts of our staff volunteers in constructing a new home,” said Ashleigh Arnold, Carreras Limited’s Legal and External Affairs Manager.

FFP Jamaica Executive Director David Mair said partnerships with organisations like Carreras Limited are extremely valuable.

“Without our donors, we cannot accomplish our mission of uplifting the poorest of the poor throughout Jamaica. This is why we are truly grateful for the partnership with Carreras Limited. They not only provided the funds for this need but their staff and volunteers also assisted with the actual construction of this house for Mr Myers and his children,” Mair said. “This is a very good example of good corporate social responsibility.”

Now settled into his new home, Myers said he feels like he has a new lease on life.

“Everything looks and feels new, life and its prospects feel brighter because I live in a comfortable place that is mine,” Myers said.

Because of the generosity of Carreras Limited and FFP Jamaica, Myers said he will be able to spend quality time with his two daughters. His old home restricted the time he could spend with them.

“One of my daughters is asthmatic since the roof leaked badly. I had to make her stay with her mom when it rained because of how much water would come inside the house,” Myers said. “I have to thank these organisations because they have taken me out of a bad situation that was unstable and made me feel settled and comfortable. Their work for the poor is tremendous.”

Myers’ house was constructed from funds donated by Carreras Limited to FFP Jamaica during the charity organisation’s recent 5K Run/Walk in May.



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