On August 24, Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica handed over medical instruments valued at over $400,000 to the Ministry of Health as part of the charity’s ongoing support for the health sector in Jamaica.

The donation of 400 single stethoscopes and 400 blood pressure kits with stethoscopes was accepted by the Minister of Health, Dr The Honourable Christopher Tufton, in a ceremony held at FFP’s office in Ellersie Pen, St Catherine.

Following the handover of new blood pressure kits and stethoscopes for free distribution in health care facilities in Jamaica, Susan Moore (left), Director of Recipient Services at Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica, uses one of the instruments to check the blood pressure of Minister of Health Dr The Honourable Christopher Tufton at the charity’s Ellerslie Pen, St Catherine offices on Wednesday, August 24. Witnessing the moment are (from left) FFP Jamaica’s Executive Director, David Mair and Director of Distribution Services, Nakhle Hado.

David Mair, Executive Director of FFP, said this donation signals a continued commitment of the non-profit organization to play their part in improving Jamaica’s health system.


“Food For The Poor is pleased to provide this kind of support to the Ministry of Health as part of our continued efforts to improve patient care. We recognize the importance of good health and so we want to maintain the partnership with this donation of blood pressure machines and stethoscopes,” said Mair.


Minister of Health, Dr Tufton expressed gratitude to FFP Jamaica for their commitment to the ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Health and said the support would be beneficial to patients islandwide.


“The Ministry of Health appreciates this kind of partnership with Food For The Poor that will significantly benefit the Jamaican people. A number of patients are examined on a daily and yearly basis hence this type of top class equipment will be a useful addition,” Minister Tufton said.


He added, “We have over 320 clinics and over 23 hospitals plus hundreds of medical practitioners who utilize blood pressure machines and stethoscopes on a daily basis so the items will definitely be needed.”


This donation closely follows a contribution earlier this month by FFP Jamaica of  105 electric hospital beds and 250 wheelchairs to the Ministry of Health for distribution among hospitals across the island.


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