Smile! Colgate Mobile Dental Unit Comes to Union Gardens

Such an amazing initiative being implemented by Colgate! Happy to know that our little ones across the length and breadth of our island will be able to benefit from dental care and oral care education campaigns. Definitely something to smile about 🙂

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Colgate is a household name that I grew up with. It simply means “toothpaste.” When it comes to dental health awareness, there is no doubt we can’t start young enough. Here is the latest on Colgate’s new mobile unit, which visited the Union Gardens Infant School recently. There’s a “cuteness alert” on the photos, by the way! (Provided by ProComm).

The Colgate mobile dental unit - ready for the road... The Colgate mobile dental unit – ready for the road…

Kingston, Jamaica – April 25, 2016: Thousands of the island’s children are again set to benefit from top-quality dental care with the re-launch of Colgate’s Mobile Dental Unit, a critical component of Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures school program. The Unit was re-launched at a special event held at Union Gardens Infant School in Kingston on April 7, 2016.

Colgate’s programme is a global oral health initiative launched in Jamaica in 1969, in association with the Ministries of Health and…

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