GraceKennedy Makes Champs Dreams Come True

This year, GraceKennedy will give away more than $10 million in cash and prizes to Jamaicans islandwide between January and March. This campaign gives Jamaicans the opportunity to chase their dreams with the winnings. Each month, one lucky shopper will become a millionaire. Additionally, other lucky shoppers can win weekly cash prizes, Champs tickets and phone credit.


Customers will benefit from this promotion by popping the can, peeling the label, or tearing the packet of select Grace products so as to identify a code which they can text in to win prizes. The specially marked labels can be found on Grace Cock Soup, Vienna Sausage, Tomato Ketchup, Baked Beans, Butter Beans, Corned Beef, Classic Mackerel, Tropical Rhythms, Lishous, and Jus Quench. Entries for the Pop, Peel and Tear campaign are entered by texting the codes to 44GRACE or 444-7223.

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Customers can also submit any five Grace labels to be entered in the competition. Labels may be dropped off at the supermarket, or mailed in to GraceKennedy, 73 Harbour Street. All purchases of Grace products contribute to the Grace Athletic Fund.

A unique aspect of the promotion is the Grace Athletic Dream Fund, where Grace Foods will donate $5 million to be shared equally among the three winning schools, one per county. This money will go towards the development of their athletics programmes.

The Grace Athletic Dream Fund offers a level playing field for high schools to have the opportunity to win. Once entered in the GraceKennedy ISSA Boys and Girls’ Championships, each school has an equal chance to benefit from the fund.


Champs source_Gleaner
Source: Jamaica Gleaner Online


The grand draw for the three winning schools will be held on Saturday, March 19, at the National Stadium on the final day of Champs.

“With more than $10 million being given away in cash and prizes, I am happy that so many Jamaicans will be able to get a piece of the pie,” said Gilroy Graham, senior general manager for Grace Foods and Services.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner online – Monday, February 8, 2016


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