Jelani Walker is the First Recipient of the Don Wehby Scholarship for Excellence in Sports and Academics

GraceKennedy Group CEO and St George’s College ‘Old Boy’ Don Wehby spoke at the school’s graduation ceremony. During his remarks, he made a call for more individuals to get involved in the development of their alma maters, pledging $100,000 of his personal income to fund an annual scholarship for needy, academically inclined athletes at the institution.


Mr Wehby has made good on that promise. On Tuesday, September 8, at the St George’s Founder’s Day service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, sixth form student Jelani Walker was awarded the inaugural Don Wehby scholarship for Excellence in Sports and Academics.  The scholarship will be given annually to a sixth form student in need of financial assistance, who displays academic excellence, excellence in sports, community service and a high level of discipline.

“I was an athlete in High School, and I know first- hand the challenge to balance the schoolwork with the sports. Add financial need to the equation and it can cause great stress and worry, and that can really negatively impact how a young person performs in school. I think it’s also good to reward young people who aim high, display good values and achieve greatness. Jelani is an outstanding you man, and very deserving of this award based on the criteria,” said Mr Wehby.

“I just want to encourage more of us who can – as individuals and as corporate entities – to give back to the schools that have, in large part, helped to make us who we are.  It’s good for the young people, good for the institutions and good for Jamaica,” said Wehby.


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