GraceKennedy Launches ‘GK World’ Series On Corporate Website

Company using digital presence to enhance customer relationships

As GraceKennedy continues to grow, the company has consistently tried to demonstrate that it is innovative and enterprising.   With subsidiaries all over the world, GK is well on its way to being a Global Consumer Group. This has caused the brand to ramp up efforts to stay abreast of global changes as well as consumers’ needs and preferences by offering a diversity of products and services.

The recent   launch of the  ‘GraceKennedy Value Rewards’ programme, the most robust and comprehensive rewards programme of its type, is part of this strategy. Under the programme, consumers can sign up and earn rewards when they use their card at select GK subsidiaries, with the added benefit of user empowerment, in which users are able to redeem their points directly. It is against this backdrop of empowering and engaging their broad and diverse customer base across borders, that the ‘GK World’ series is being launched.  It is borne out of the company’s internal desire for the brand to have a strong digital presence to develop meaningful relationships with its customers around the world, while emphasizing the brand’s ideals and values.

According to Tricia Martin, Head of Customer Loyalty and Engagement, “It’s not enough for us to know our fans and followers. We want them to know us too, and know us intimately.” She continued, “Sight, sound and motion are still the most powerful tools in storytelling and that is why we will be using this video series, ‘GK World’, to showcase the many stories inside GK.”

The videos will take on different formats and styles, and will give a real look at the GK brand, including its business, subsidiaries, its contributions and its positions on matters of national and global interest.

The first three episodes will feature Caroline Mahfood, Executive Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation, Tanketa Chance-Wilson, General Manager of Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation and Steven Whittingham, Managing Director of GK Capital.

This content will be carried exclusively on GraceKennedy’s website and social media pages.

Consumers are also being encouraged by Ms. Martin to “not only watch the series, but share their own experiences with GK or topics that they would like addressed in the ‘GK World’ series on the website through the GK & You link.”

GraceKennedy’s corporate website can be found at


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